Justice League vs Avengers, What should 343 do with the next Halo? Did Han shoot first? These are nerdy debates as old as nerd-time and it’s the boys’ job to mull these over and give their expert(?) opinion on these topics, so it’s like a talking forum with only four people….that sounds terrible, it’s much better than that…


This time the guys talked about their zombie plans. Every nerd has one, in fact given the popularity of TV shows like the Walking Dead and video games like Dying light every body has a zombie plan these days.

As usual Charlie chooses the controversial ploy and wants to head to LA, It’s a pirate life for Ali, Jonni’s planning a hostile take over of Ned and Charlie’s flat and as usual Ned wants to flee to Cornwall to hideout at his parent’s house. But what’s your zombie plan? Let us know on twitter or by going to our Facebook page .


With the relative success of comic book-based TV shows and the upcoming buzz around Netlix’s take on Daredevil the guys wanted to sit down and talk about what they want to see out of TV shows based on comic books.

Ned’s hoping for some new stuff and has some ideas of his own, Ali thinks there’s still hope for Marvel’s Agents of Shield, Charlie’s hoping for more from The Flash and Jonni just wants some good old fashioned grit from these super shows.

But why don’t you swing into action and let us know what you’re favourite comic book show is on twitter or tell us what you want to see next on our Facebook page .